White iPhone 4 Release Date Update: End of July

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has finally revealed that the white version of the iPhone 4 will be avaliable at the end of July. A specific date has not been given but at least we know for sure that it will be out in the next two weeks. The white model has been highly anticipated after the black version launched last month.

Follow the link to Product-reviews.net for an interesting article by Alan Ng, which contains more information on the new iPhone and its launch. Meanwhile on the subject of the antenna malfunction, Mr Jobs has said that all iPhone 4 owners will receive a free case. If you have already bought one for $29 then you will receive a refund.

It has also been said that if you are still unhappy with your handset then you can get a full refund on your iPhone 4 and also have your contract with AT&T canceled. So will you still be buying the white iPhone? Let us know your views on it.

  • Thor

    Yes! I can't wait for it! will it only be available in 32 gig?

  • http://Onlinesocialmedia.net Crus

    ABSOLUTELY! first time iPhone owner with the iPhone 4! Love love love it!

  • frank

    I cant wait for the white iphone 4. my iphone broke last week so im without a phone i wont settle for nothing but the white iphone4 cant wait!!!

  • NJ07

    i've just been on the apple uk website and when i clicked on by an iphone, it said sorry we're updating the store at the moment…..is this apple putting the white iphone on stock!?

  • Vaneesa chavez

    what price?