Twitter connects Heidi Montag and Katie Price

Twitter moves in mysterious ways sometimes and now it has connected 2 celebrities, Heidi Montag and Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan. Katie Price has just released her new single, “Free to Love Again” and apparently Heidi Montag would love to do a remix of the song with her.

An article by Joanne Dorken over on MTV says that in an interview with MTV UK, Katie Price said that The Hills star, Heidi Montag contacted her on Twitter saying if she could get on the remix, “We will do the SEXIEST music video ever.” It would certainly be an interesting combination to see Heidi Montag and Katie Price sharing a stage!

Price though says she hasn’t yet learned how to tweet people back but has followed Montag because of the plastic surgery she’s had done. It’s no secret that Price has had more than her fair share of botox and whatever else you think of her she is refreshingly honest about it saying, “The other week on my hen day I had more Botox than fillers. We all did, and at the moment I look like a puffy bald duck.”

For more on this go to It seems as though a new friendship could be forged as Price also said she was sure if she met with Montag they’d have a lot to talk about. What do you think of a Price/Montag musical venture together? We’d be interested in your comments about this.