Facebook Removes Bit.ly Links: Abusive or spammy

There appears to have been some confusion over the Bit.ly links on Facebook recently. People who wanted to share a link with their network were left feeling rather frustrated, when it suddenly became impossible to post Bit.ly links on their Facebook.

According to Ben Parr at mashable.com, if anyone attempted to share a link, they were presented with a message that read: “This message contains blocked content that has previously been flagged as abusive or spammy. Let us know if you think this is an error.”

And it didn’t appear to be new Biy.ly links either, as the existing links were also affected. If people tried clicking on a Bit.ly link, they would be led to a Facebook abuse page. This stated that Facebook users had reported the link as abusive.

Bit.ly is the world’s most popular URL shortener, so it’s likely that the problem affects millions of links all across Facebook. However, it does seem unlikely that the world’s largest social networking website would actually block these links on purpose.

There does appear to be an update, and it looks like the Bit.ly links are working properly again. There has been no word from Facebook, on what could have caused this problem.