Apple and Social Media: Steve Jobs Should Blog

You will all no doubt have heard of the Apple press conference yesterday, held to smooth out the recent controversy about the iPhone 4’s reception problems. After what seemed like way too long to most people Steve Jobs finally came forward to give us the Apple perspective over the situation. For many it was several weeks to long.

Many feel the situation escalated out of all proportion to the actual flaw of the new handset, mainly because of Apple’s seeming reluctance to fill people in, especially loyal consumers of the brand who became increasingly angry and disillusioned over the whole affair. An article over on TechRadar by Gary Marshall tells how Steve Jobs could and probably should have relieved the criticisms surrounding the fault with the use of social media, namely blogging.

We all know that Steve Jobs can appear somewhat aloof, although of course, most people in the tech industry have resounding respect for the man, but apart from the odd email or open letter, he’s not exactly known for conversing with the customer. It does seem odd that someone so revered in technology hasn’t got in on the latest way to communicate, using social media.

The problem with the way Jobs handled the situation is that it looked as though Apple didn’t actually care about customers complaints until the story entered the mainstream, and only then did it feel it should actually make an effort to do something. I can’t help feeling that the whole way the crisis for Apple escalated could have been avoided with a few tweets or a blog.

For more insight into this go to We’d be interested to hear what you think…do you think an earlier announcement of some kind from Apple would have kept its customers happy? Why not let us know with a comment.

  • davidrguzman

    It's interesting, I was just reflecting on this topic in a post earlier today. I think apple's refusal to adopt a coherent social media strategy is seriously tarnishing their brand name.

    While it is tough to say whether blogging about the problem in its own right could have served as an effective situation containment measure, attempting to engage in a conversation with customers would at least have taken a meaningful step towards ensuring everyone that the problem was being addressed.

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