TwitVid Used by Queen Rania of Jordan: Tourist Swap

In a video on TwitVid, the Queen of Jordan has posted a message that asks the question would you want to be part of her tourist swap? Rania Al Abdullah then goes on to explain the benefits and rules of the contest.

Two people can visit Jordan, and two people from Jordan can visit another country. The visitors need to upload a video telling the world why they want to come to Jordan, and the Jordanians need to upload a video explaining the best of their country.

The videos need to be posted with @queenrania #TwisitJordan, and the competition runs from July 15 to August 4, 2010. Jordan will pay all the expenses for the tourist swap. The full list of rules can be seen here, and you can see the video by the Queen of Jordan below.

The most popular videos win a trip to Jordan, and Jordanians win a trip abroad. What are your thoughts on the contest, and the use of TwitVid?

Via Mashable