Social Media Marketing: Small companies reasons against adoption

Many companies are keeping up with the trend of modern technology and are moving to social networks to help out their customers in an environment the consumer is familiar with. An example of this would be getting tech support for your laptop through Facebook, or receiving details on the latest product announcement over Twitter.

Mediarun is reporting that smaller businesses are deciding not to use social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, despite a recent increase in online advertising revenue.

The article supposes that one reason for this could be that the company heads don’t trust their employees to correctly convey the company message to the masses. Also, companies find it hard to quantify the success of advertising via social networking and it is difficult to track whether or not the company gets a return on its investment.

Matt Owen is quoted throughout the article, and he says that as long as you make an honest effort to get in touch with your customers, using a social network should have beneficial effects on your brand.

Read the full article over on Mediarun. Have you had any positive experiences with companies over Facebook or Twitter? Let us know in the comments.