RIP Raoul Moat Facebook Page Deleted Following Complaints

A page that appeared on the popular social networking website Facebook – called RIP Raoul Moat you legend – for the gunman Raoul Moat, now appears to have been deleted following complaints from British Prime Minister David Cameron.

According to a report at by Vicky Woollaston, Moat, who comes from Rothbury, not only shot his ex-girlfriend, but also her new boyfriend and a policeman. The boyfriend is said to have died at the scene and the policeman, David Rathband, was blinded in both eyes.

Moat then went on the run following the shootings, creating a six-day manhunt before a stand-off with police that led to his death. A number of Facebook pages were made following Moat’s death, but David Cameron condemned the public support.

The Prime Minister even urged Facebook to consider taking the pages down. Facebook refused, stating that it would be contrary to their site’s policy on encouraging public debate. However, the Facebook page has now disappeared off the social networking site.