iPhone 4 Press Conference: Predictions

There has been mixed reactions regarding the new iPhone 4, some owners say that they have been experiencing an issue with the antenna along with a number of blogs, while others say they have no issue. Our own test showed that our unit displayed the signal issue – so we will be interested to hear what Apple has to say during today’s press conference.

We all have an idea on what we think Steve Jobs will say, Daniel Ionescu from PC World has been taking a closer look at the antenna issue and offers his own set of predictions on what he thinks Apple will do.

It is not worth going into detail about the current problems surrounding the iPhone 4, as we have all heard it a hundred times before. So lets just get right to the point and look at what options are open to Apple – although I would like to point out that the new fourth-generation iPhone is selling like there is no tomorrow. This is very confusing, why would a handset with apparent issues still be able to sell in record numbers?

The first option open to Apple is by acknowledging the problem in the first place – this is alien to Apple, as they have a hard time letting customers know that they are not perfect.

The idea of a free Bumper to surround the external antenna is one of the more obvious options open to Apple, but this is not a solution. Why should we have to cover our iPhone 4 up just so that it works correctly?

It had been hoped that yesterday’s iOS 4.1 update would solve the antenna issue – sadly this has not worked. The most popular option is to offer a non-conductive coating over the antenna, which could be done in Apple Stores.

Ionescu also has this strange feeling that Steve Jobs will say those magic words “One more thing.” We are not sure what that announcement will be, but we will certainly be looking out for it.

What predictions do you have for the iPhone 4 Press Conference?

  • Jovel Leon

    That there is no problem with the iPhone 4, its the way we "hold" it…
    optional recall…
    no free bumpers…
    how great the sales have been for the iphone 4…
    release date for iPhone 4 white model