Apple Press Conference July 16, 2010: Time and Live Blogs

Today is a big day for Apple yet again – we seem to be saying that a lot lately – as they will be holding a press conference to do with the antenna issue on the iPhone 4. Speculation and rumors have increased since we learned of this press conference – from an expected recall to simple non-conductive coating on the antenna itself.

What ever happens you want to be prepared in advance, so knowing the times for your country and where to get the information as it happens via a live blog will be beneficial to iPhone 4 owners.

Tina Chubb from Only Kent has gathered some information from Product News; we can tell you that the event begins at 10am PT, 1pm ET and 6pm GMT. All other times can be found here.

One of the best live blog sources for this upcoming iPhone 4 press conference has to be Macworld others include T3 and Engadget. Its always best to have a choice in case one website goes down.

Read our recent article where we discuss possible predictions of what Apple will do.

  • Mohammad

    what about the white iphone 4 release date?