Apple Head Gets Twitter Account: PR stunt maybe

Recent reports that have surfaced online have just revealed that Scott Forstall – the rather excitable and always-happy senior vice-president of Apple’s iPhone software division – appears to have just opened up his very own Twitter account recently.

As reported by, at the time of writing, Scott was only following one person, which just happens to be the hugely popular American comedian Conan O’Brien, and had over 18,000 followers. However, he doesn’t appear to have sent any tweets yet.

But that may have something to do with the fact that he only created the account yesterday, and he may well have been too busy to tweet anything. I’m sure there are many iPhone 4 users, who are waiting with baited breath to see if he’ll explain the reception issues.

Although there are already a number of Apple employees who have Twitter accounts – such as Chris Espinosa – Forstall is one of the highest-ranking executives there, so it is a rather fascinating development and some may think that it’s a PR stunt.

Would you follow him on Twitter?

  • zzz

    Your picture is wrong. That looks nothing like Forstall.