Indiatimes Hibuddy: Social networking for mobile users

If you live in India and you’re a fan of social networking, we may have some interesting news for you. Indiatimes has just announced the launch of its Hibuddy service. Hibuddy is the first ever voice social networking and blogging service for mobile users.

As reported at, social networking has proved to be a huge success on the Internet in India. This service follows on from that success, and will revolutionize the ever-increasing interest of Indians in social networking, but on their mobile phones.

Users just simply need to call 58888199, and create their voice channel. Through this voice channel, they will be able to connect to millions of other users, who have similar interests. This means that social networking fans no longer need to be connected to the Internet.

Another great feature for the users of this service is the ability to voice blog. This means that users can showcase their talents by voice, in terms of maybe sharing jokes, astrology, stock tips or anything else they may feel that they are good at.

You can read more about this new service via the link here.