Google Fiber: Announcement expected soon

You may have heard of Google’s plans announced earlier this year to build a new high-speed fiber-optic Internet network, otherwise known as Google Fiber. The new network will have connection speeds of up to 100 times faster than usual U.S. networks.

The announcement set off a whirl of activity with over 600 communities across America applying to become the first community to receive Google Fiber, according to an article by Ben Parr over on Mashable. Now in order to progress further with its fiber network plans, Google has launched a website purely for the project, Google Fiber for Communities.

It’s a great way to consolidate all the information about Google Fiber and includes videos, FAQ’s and all the information to find out more about the project including a list of all the communities vying to become the first to get the new ultra-fast network. The announcement of the ground zero community will be made later in the year and famously Topeka in Kansas even changed its name to Google, Kansas in its bid to be chosen.

In a savvy move from Google it plans to share what it learns from Google Fiber with Internet Service Providers so that everybody will eventually have access to faster Internet, which of course means more revenue for Google too. For more on this go to Are you part of a community bidding to become the first to get Google Fiber? Let us know about your experiences so far.