Women’s Facebook Addiction: Shocking results

Facebook is currently one of the most popular social networks. The service has become a huge part of many peoples lives, allowing them to check up on their friends day to day activities. However, it seems that some people are using Facebook far too often, possibly even to the point of addiction.

Leigh Goessl over at Helium is reporting on a poll by Lightspeed Research for Oxygen Media that suggests that a large number of women are finding themselves addicted to Facebook. Many of the women who were surveyed admitted that they checked their Facebook feed before doing anything else in the morning, including before they made a trip to the bathroom.

The poll demographic was of women aged 18-34. Many of the results of the survey included 48% of people who get their daily news from Facebook, 63% of people who used Facebook for career networking and 57% of people who stated that they talk to people online more than they talk to people face to face.

For the full story, including all of the survey results, check out the full article over on Helium. Do you use Facebook on a daily basis? Do you consider yourself an addict? Let us know in the results below.