Facebook and Windows Live Messenger: Outlook integration

Microsoft has just made an announcement today, that it has now integrated both Facebook and Windows Live Messenger into its Outlook. This now means that the streams of millions of Facebook users will be brought into people’s inboxes all across the world!!

As reported in a mashable.com article by Ben Parr, last year was when Microsoft launched Outlook Social Connector, which is a plugin that syncs social networking feeds with your contacts on Outlook, giving users immediate data on what those people are doing or thinking.

It began last year with LinkedIn integration, but then the company announced that Facebook and MySpace were on their way too. And now, Outlook completes the cycle by not only introducing Facebook integration, but support for Windows Live Messenger as well.

Both Facebook and Microsoft worked together, to get the launch of Facebook’s integration in Outlook Social Connector just right. Rick Armbrust – Facebook’s Strategic Partner Manager – said that they worked closely with the Office team, to make the experience more social.

With the Facebook integration, you can pull people’s Facebook profile photos onto Outlook, allowing you to put a name to a face. It also pulls the news feeds of your contacts into your inbox. So while you’re looking at your emails, you’ll be able to glance at their status updates too.

You can read more about the story via the link above. What do you think of the new integration?