Apple’s iPad and iPhone LinkedIn poll on website access

Apple’s iPhone and iPad products have changed the way that consumers interact with devices. Instead of using a mouse to navigate the internet, they now use a touch screen.

Nick Spence over at Macworld reports that according to a LinkedIn poll commissioned by Foresite, 32% of the 103 UK company directors surveyed said they had tested their website on an iPad.

The problem here is that companies appear to be behind the times, and have not yet realised the need for touch screen friendly web pages. Devices that are operated using a touch screen work differently to those which work with a mouse. When using an iPhone to surf the internet, you move around the site a lot more, you pinch, push, pull, flip, twist and scroll your way around a website.

The iPad and iPhone audience is a large audience, and if the website doesn’t work properly on the users device, that could cost them a sale. This means that it is important for companies to notice this potential audience and they should develop websites according to their audience.

Read the full story over on Macworld. Do you prefer to surf the internet using your computer, or your iPad/iPhone? Do you use a different mobile device to view webpages? Let us know in the comments below.