World Cup 2010: Twitter made event bigger

With the FIFA World Cup 2010 at an end and Spain winning the prestigious trophy on July 11, saw tweeting numbers increase. Twitter is now becoming one of the biggest online social media networking sites for users along with its competitors Facebook, Bing and MySpace.

According to Jodi Jill at, despite there only being the option to use 140 characters per tweet, the consensus for people using Twitter to communicate between each other, and on this occasion the most important football tournament, has helped the world to keep track of the final game from near missed goals to the deciding goal in extra time of 1-0 to winners Spain.

Tweets were sent not only from fans in Spain and The Netherlands, but from football fans all around the world, tweets being sent in their hundreds per minute. This year’s World Cup has seen a complete change in the way that communication is now spread. Online social networking sites have now given fans a new and exciting way forward.

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