Lebron James takes heat on Twitter

We know LeBron James is a pretty popular guy, and you only need to look at his 150,000 followers in less than six hours of starting a Twitter account to see this (now stands at 428,156).

Although he may have lost a few fans after the recent decision “King James” made, which had both reactions from celebrities and his fans, some were a bit hot headed. The last tweet LeBron James made on his Twitter said “Me n @KingJames at Melo reception…service was VERY nice!!!”.

This linked to a photo on Tweet Photo, can be seen here, and some reactions in the comments to this photo were not good. One reader said “Lebron, the self proclaimed king, even looks like a coward in this picture”, and another said, “Looks like Chris Paul and some classless sellout to me. I see no king in this photo”.

It seems that some fans are a little disappointed in the choices James has made. Do you still stand by King James? He still has his defenders, are you one of them?