Internet Slangs: Alternate Meanings

We’ve all used online terms, abbreviations and acronyms that appear to be creeping into everyday use more and more. It took some of us (me), quite a while to get used to all the different terminology floating around on the internet and some of us are still learning. Have you ever thought though that some of the everyday language we use on the internet may have other meanings?

If you want to start the working week with something a bit light-hearted then you should take a look at an article over on Mashable by Erica Swallow. It looks into 13 internet slangs that have alternative meanings and you may be quite surprised, intrigued and amused by some of the revelations.

For example who of us these days doesn’t use ‘LOL’ to mean laugh out loud but it used to have a very different meaning. In the medical world the term has been used for years on doctors notes etc to mean ‘little old lady.’ Or how about ‘OMG’ for oh my God, or Gosh. In the U.S. OMG for law enforcement officers means ‘Outlaw motorcycle gangs.’

A very topical term right now with the World Cup 2010 coming to a close just yesterday is PLZ, which to most of us means please, but is actually the airport code used for the Port Elizabeth airport in South Africa. For more of these go to Are there any popular terms used on the internet which you know mean something else to somebody out there? Why not let us know.