Google App Inventor: Develop your own

Would you like to be able to create your very own app for your Android phone? Well now you will be able to, with a new tool that Google has just launched today (Monday, July 12th) which allows just about anyone to create their own app for Android phones!!

As reported by Pete Cashmore at, the “Google App Inventor” claims to enable non-coders to develop and complete working Android applications, by connecting a series of “blocks.” NYTimes claim that Google has been testing the tool in schools for about a year.

It’s definitely a smart concept – not only is the Android Market an open platform for developers, but now it looks like we’ll be able to see a vast array of specialized apps that have been built by non-developers. This could increase the volume of apps in the Market quite considerably.

However, the expansion of apps may of course come at the cost of quality. Yes we’ll be able to see thousands of new Android apps, but will they be of any value? What do you think of the new “Google App Inventor?” Is it a good move or Google’s part? Let us know your thoughts.