Facebook Panic Button and Ceop Page Launch

After months of negotiations between Facebook and CEOP (The UK Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) it has now been announced that Facebook is to launch a child safety “panic button” alert on its social networking site. The application is for children and teenagers and the function of the button is to report abuse to both CEOP and Facebook.

Although Facebook withstood the requests for such an alert for some time, following more and more incidents of online abuse and a letter from 44 police chiefs across the U.K. backing CEOP’S calls, it finally conceded to the requests for the facility. CEOP is a law enforcement agency set up with the intention of pursuing online sex offenders, according to Daniel Emery on BBC News.

CEOP’s chief executive, Jim Gamble, said of the negotiations to instal the alert, “Our dialogue with Facebook about adopting the ClickCeop button is well documented – today however is a good day for child protection.” The application will have to be downloaded and Facebook users will be receiving a message asking them if they want to download it. Once set up it will appear on the user’s homepage and say, “that they are in control online.”

For more on this go to bbc.co.uk. Although this will not eradicate all instances of online abuse it certainly seems to us, a step in the right direction. If you’re a parent would you feel reassured to know that your kids have access to the “panic button”? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts about this.