Facebook Like It Button: “Database Write Failed” Problems

Since Facebook launched their “Like It” button it’s taken off faster than we first predicted, and has become a part of many users “sharing” day. You can find the button almost everywhere you go, and it’s improved interactivity with Facebook and other sites.

The moment the Facebook “Like” feature went down, thousands of users were frustrated with a “Database Write Failed” error message. The problem affected other sites, and on Facebook itself.

While this will not be a big deal to everyone, some sites rely on Facebook for direct traffic, and an outage like this can cause them many problems. The good news is Facebook moved very fast to find a fix, and they corrected the issue within an hour.

According to Samuel Axon on Mashable, this error was not the same that happened around a month ago. Twitter saw a surge in tweets about this Facebook problem, one quick search for “Facebook can’t like” showed thousands of tweets.

How did the outage affect you?

  • Nlayton

    I have had this problem all day – I cannot “Like” anything on Facebook.  Today is May 27, 2012.  I also cannot text unless I go to each individual wall.

    • Katie813

      I am having the exact same (frustrating) issue…it began around 3:00pm…..

      • Sandhfarm

        I began having this same issue around 9:00 a.m. this morning. Some geek tried to charge me 199. to repair it.

    • Cyn Lawson

      I am having the same problem – have had it all day long.  Can’t post, can’t comment, and can’t “like.”  Not even from my phone.  Any ideas?

    • Dusty Rhodes

      Ive been having this same problem also Cant like, or comment. I also cant update my status it keeps telling me I that have posted the same thing twice in a row or some crap.    And its the same on my phone

  • Terrell

    I”m having the same problem. I can’t like no ones page or comment and can not update my status and i can’t do anything on my phone i can’t even upload my pic to my page. This has been going on all day long i need to get back on my facebook page. Can We Get Some Help!!!!!!!

  • Joanpcondon53

    I can send messages and play games, but can not like anything or post a single word. First noted yesterday may 27, still occuring as of today may 28th. I have turned off my computer and turned it back on, I have logged off facebook, I have used different computers and even my phone to no avail. Is this a virus, a facebook error andhow long does it last?