LinkedIn India: 6 Million Member and Counting

After 6 months of opening an office in India, professional networking site LinkedIn has topped the 6-million member mark. Predominately this is a business-orientated networking site, and reaches out to people using languages in Portuguese, Italian, English, French, German and Spanish and with this the site has seen numbers of users increasing.

According to David Cohen at Webnewser, professionals in India have always steered towards having a efficient network, and with the economy changing on a daily basis and new and existing competitors to deal with, it is not surprising that people are now seeing the advantages of social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn have realised that in order to progress and carry on reaching out to users, they need to understand what the user wants from the service provided and by doing this, they can then develop their marketing and hiring solution businesses in India. With the right team of staff and the drive and determination for the site to grow, LinkedIn are hoping that the user numbers will keep on increasing, and at some point, they will be able to expand key business centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and so on.

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