iDrunky iPhone App: Mimics roadside DUI tests

With so many of us now purchasing an iPhone, users can now experience the iDrunky App. The simple app just costing $0.99, comes with four sobriety tests that are similar to the roadside DUI tests used by the U.S. police officers.

According to Lauren Indvik at Mashable, the new app which has been co-designed by Alec Brownstein and Jon Stern with the advice of a developer in Croatia, took just over a year to produce. It is hoped that the app will not be taken as a serious feature but just for users to have a little fun with their friends.

The app comes with tests used to challenge people. Each test contains written instructions as well as basic diagrams to follow. Tests such as, “Where’s Your Nose?”, which encourages you to lean your head back and touch a point on your iPhone screen to your nose, without falling over. Others include ABC’s and Finger Tapping, a game which gets you to watch the bullseye on the screen and tap it with your finger.

Give us your thoughts about this new iPhone App, will it be something that you will be playing with your friends? To read more about this check out Mashable