Facebook Gifts to end: Will you miss them?

For all you Facebook enthusiasts out there we have some sad news today (sniff, sniff), that the “Gift Shop” feature will cease operating on August 1, although any gifts you already have will stay on your wall. I have to confess that I would barely notice the lack of the gift shop but I know many of you are real fans of the feature.

An article today by Pete Cashmore over on Mashable tells us about the decision to wind the shop down. Maybe it’s less popular than we imagined though as otherwise we can’t imagine why Facebook would be giving it up. You will still be able to give Birthday Cards and Pieces of Flair according to the article.

Jared Morgenstern of Facebook said, “Closing the Gift Shop may disappoint many of the people who have given millions of gifts, but we made the decision after careful thought about where we need to focus our product development efforts.” He went on to say that Facebook want to concentrate on improvements to everyday features such as Photos, the Wall and the Like button.

For more on this go to mashable.com. We’d be interested to know if you were a Gift Shop devotee. Will you miss the feature or maybe you’re one of these (like me) who barely noticed it was there?