White iPhone 4: Would you pay $20k?

With all the heavy news lately about the reception problems with the new iPhone 4 because of its flawed antenna design, we thought it was time to bring you a lighter post about the latest must-have handset.

This iPhone 4 handset is very different though, and very unique. It’s not just any iPhone 4 handset, it’s a Diamond Edition. Yes you read that right, and an article over on Endgadget by Donald Melanson, tells us all about it. If you thought you were flash with your Apple-bumpered iPhone, then you’d feel pretty feeble if somebody placed one of these babies next to yours.

In time-honored tradition this latest spectacular was designed by Stuart Hughes, who has made a habit of giving ordinary everyday gadgets an extreme makeover. The white iPhone is bedecked with diamonds, and will set you back the jaw-dropping price of $20k. I’ll take two please!

For more on this go to engadget.com. If money was no object would you buy an iPhone 4 Diamond Edition, or maybe you think the money could be far better spent elsewhere? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

  • mad_inventor

    Perhaps the diamonds help to improve the reception.
    They certainly send out a particular signal – More money than sense!!
    I wonder if those diamonds are ethically sourced?