iPhone 4 vs. Droid X: Competing for attention

Since the iPhone was released, it has been top dog in the Smartphone market. This can be attributed to Apple’s way of packaging together a product which doesn’t necessarily have the greatest features but which runs in a way to give the user a satisfying experience.

Now Apple’s competitors have finally taken their phones to the stage where they can actually compete with the iPhone, using products such as the Motorola Droid. Abhiskek Jaiswal over on Helium has a full comparison of the two devices.

Some of the points made in the story include the comparison of the battery life, the Droid X has 8 hours of talk time whilst the iPhone has 7. The Droid X has a better camera (8 megapixels) whilst the iPhone 4 has a camera of only 5 megapixels, although Steve Jobs has mentioned that the quality of the camera is what matters, rather than the number of megapixels.

The iPhone 4’s new retina display helps the phone win the screen comparison test hands down. The Apple App store is second to none, with thousands of apps, and currently the Android marketplace is the closest competitor, but has nowhere near the number of apps.

Read the full article over on Helium.com. What do you think about these phones? Which phone do you prefer, iPhone 4 or Droid X? Sound off in the comments below.