Social Media vs. TV: Is there room for both?

More and more people are becoming involved with online social media. It can make our experience of watching the television more appealing. Nowadays, television is moving away from our living room, and programmes are accessible from other sources such as the computer, mobile devices and the new Apple iPad. A steady rise has seen viewers using the BBC iPlayer or Hulu, the American version that allows programmes such as Fox and NBC to be viewed. This then poses the question whether we choose social media or television?

According to Antony Mayfield at Open, new and upcoming websites have purely had to fit around the need for television instead of just completely replacing it. When looking at countries like Japan for instance, residents spent an average of 60 minutes a day on the internet or mobile device, up from 6 minutes in 2000. The figure also rose with the number of hours that the television was viewed.

Watching television has added bonuses, for instance, the UK election or the World Cup are far more exciting to watch, you can find yourselves shouting at the telly. Sometimes, social media and the television can work together, take a time when you have captured something on video, and then possibly posted it on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, this then can add to user conversations.

Do you think social media and the television can work together, or do you as a user, feel that you have one preference over the other? To read more about this check out Open