Facebook Rogue App: Unsuspecting Victims

Unsuspecting users have been warned that a spam application on Facebook, is unfortunately spreading. Sophos, a security firm reported these findings, when users were found to be enticed into clicking onto a “shocking video” link, promising footage of a death that could be related to text messaging.

According to Shaun Nichols at V3.co.uk users have no clue as to what they are being directed to. Once the link has been clicked, the user is then sent to a Facebook app, which then requests access to account information and the user’s wall where messaging etc can be left. For the unfortunate user, once the link has been clicked, it is then passed onto the user’s friends and contacts via their wall and news feed. It appears that even though user’s have been previously warned by Facebook that this app could then give profile and data access, the number of users that have been on the receiving end of this has already risen to 300,000.

With so many people now using online social networking sites, the message is clear that people still need to be educated with the dangers of rogue apps.

Have you been a victim of rogue apps? To read more about this check out V3.co.uk