Social Media micropayments gains momentum

With users increasingly purchasing products such as iTunes, Facebook and EA Games, the payment method
“micropayments” has now become available to consumers. With similarities to PayPal, micropayments are being offered to a much wider audience not just in the virtual gaming world.

According to Michael Derkits at UTALK MARKETING.COM, the setup of micropayments has been in the background for a little while now, and up into recently, transactions under $5 have made this method more accessible to everyone. With iTunes being available from just 99p for one song, or for the larger companies, Facebook or EA Games, social games like FarmVille and iPhone apps are all expanding their user coverage, therefore, micropayments are encouraged to be used.

Micropayments are proving to be more simplier, efficient and profitable, and are offering a new place for consumers to buy branded products.

What are your thoughts on micropayments, is this a method you would use to purchase products? To read more about this check out UTALK MARKETING.COM