iPhone 4 creates surge of old iPhones at eBay and recyclers

The latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 4, has certainly been hitting the headlines after the problems with the reception and antenna design, (see article here), but there has also been another impact of the iPhone 4 release. It seems it has led to an influx of old phones heading to eBay and recyclers, with Apple fans wanting the latest brand-new device, getting rid of staggering amounts of old models.

An interesting Bloomberg News report over on SFGate says that one company, Gazelle.com, which specializes in buying electronic gear, says that their usual amount of iPhones received in two weeks is around 350. Compare that with the vastly increased figure of 20,000 iPhones that it received, also in two weeks, once pre-orders began with Apple & AT&T.

Kristina Kennedy, a Gazelle.com spokeswoman said, “It’s off the charts. It’s three times what we projected.” Before the iPhone 4 came out Gazelle were offering around $304 for a pristine 32-gigabyte iPhone 3GS. However in July the same model would now only get you $168.

Environmental groups though are concerned that the constant updated models of new cell phones, can only do harm with so many people needlessly wasting goods, just to get their hands on the next big thing. For more on this go to sfgate.com. What do you think about the amount of old phones being dumped or sold? We’d be interested to hear your comments about this.