iPad iOS 4 with Flash: Ported from Android

With the recent success of the Apple iPad iOS 4 and its fantastic new features such as multitasking, 5 x digital zoom, wireless keyboard support, gift apps and the facility to create play lists are just some of the unique selling points that the iPad iOS 4 can offer. For some users, they will be pleased to know that a smart Flash application has been ported over from Android. Using the process manager similar to Google Chrome, it has enabled Apple to use Google’s chrome engine to then hack android and move into the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

According to Alan Ng at PR News, the new application named “Frash” has been created by Comex, known to be iPhone’s community hacker. With the compatability of Frash running alongside most Flash programs, this can be seen in the MobileSafari browser.

Currently this port is only available on the iPad, but as of yet not available for the iOS 4. Indications have shown that this is planned for the near future. Users waiting for this application will be pleased to know that this will be available to download soon once the program is stable.

Are you a user of iPad iOS 4, if so what do you think about this new feature, does it appeal to you? To read more about this check out PR News