Sprint Samsung Epic 4G: HTC EVO Rival

Who would have thought a year ago that Sprint would have one of the best smartphones on the market? Well they have with the HTC EVO 4G, but the handset is about to get some competition with the Samsung Epic 4G – funny thing is, this will also be on the Sprint carrier.

For those of you who thought that the Epic has crept up on us fast, it has not. The phone was going to be called the Galaxy S Pro – although it still forms part of that family, with another three handset coming under that name. Many believe that the Epic 4G is a slide-out equivalent of the EVO 4G.

For spec details of this handset visit Product News

What will you buy, the Samsung Epic 4G or the HTC EVO 4G?

  • tom

    Sprint/Samsung…please make it have an HDMI output…please