FastMall 3.0 App: Share deals through Facebook and Twitter

FastMall 3.0 is the new downloadable smartphone shopping solution. Launching this August, FastMall 3.0 is the only free app that provides users with turn-by-turn directions inside shopping malls, complexes and other campus-style environments, making it easier and quicker to find stores, eateries and restrooms.

FastMall 3.0 boasts a local mall/store “check-in” feature that allows users to receive and share news of deals through their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) with a single tap. The app is also integrated with Shop Savvy allowing users to scan barcodes on the spot and find the best deals on a specific product at the mall instantaneously.

Would you use turn-by-turn directions inside shopping malls? Visit for more information.

  • John

    FastMall is a useful app for shoppers, but there is another new up and coming product: GoZiggity. From reading their site they not only cater to shoppers needs with a navigation tool and a personalized shopping plan based on what their shopping for and who, but they also provide critical shopper information that mall's need. Their mission is to increase mall traffic, revenue, and sales.

    Check out their site:

  • Linda

    John, thanks for the info. Take a look at Lehigh Valley Mall’s website… Looks like GoZiggity is responsible for their ‘MY MALL TRIP’ – here’s their link:

    The privacy policy provided on the page links directly to the GoZiggity site you had posted. Really great tool. I love that I can do everything online and then have the entire itinerary sent directly to my phone! This is perfect for the holiday season…

  • Lorel

    Check out the new iphone app for King of Prussia Mall –

    This app has all the interactive features you need for an enjoyable, yet efficient, trip to the luxurious King of Prussia Mall. Without using any internet signal, the user can retrieve easy to follow floor maps to navigate. Along with a map are the the parking capabilities, store details feature (providing the user with all the deals and products available at any particular store), and the events feature which provides the user a list of all the events that are scheduled at the mall in different stores. The stores where the events are scheduled are plotted on the map and the user can get all the details pertaining to the events, from within the application. Since the data is automatically updated from the server, the user is always viewing the most up to date information.

  • Sarah

    Lorél Launches Mobile Platform, Enabling Shopping Centers To Engage More With Their Shoppers: leveraging today's mobile technology to enhance the consumer shopping experience, while giving malls control of their own, unique brand.