Dentist Facebook Page: Effective communication with patients

More and more businesses are using social media as a way of reaching out to their customers nowadays, and now it looks like doctors and dentists are getting in on the action. Experienced dentists in Ann Arbor and Allen Park have recently launched their practice’s Facebook page.

According to, Drs. Robert Tar and Allison Tar Crutchfield, have said that their dentist’s presence on the leading social media platform, has enabled their practice to communicate with both existing and prospective patients more efficiently and effectively.

With the practice’s Facebook page, patients can either become a friend or a fan, in order to view office news and dental resources. Then every time that Dr. Tar or Dr. Crutchfield post new content to their Facebook page, patients who have joined will be instantly notified of updates.

“Creating a Facebook page for our practice has enabled us to engage with our patients like never before,” Dr. Tar said. He then added that patients can now comment on their posts, let them know how their office is performing, and even provide feedback on treatments received.

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