World Social Media Day 2010: Dubai

If you didn’t already know, yesterday (June 30th) was World Social Media Day. And one of the 500 global events – all initiated by the popular social networking news website – that took place yesterday, was Social Media Day Dubai.

According to Samreen Hayat at, around 200 of the UAE’s most social savvy people gathered in the welcoming space of Al Quoz’s The Shelter on Wednesday night, to celebrate something that takes up every waking moment of their lives – social media.

The idea of Social Media Day is for people all over the world to “acknowledge and celebrate the revolution of media becoming social.” And celebrating is exactly what they did do in Dubai, thanks to avid social media user Mita Srinivasan, who organized the event.

With the very concept that they were aiming to celebrate, Srinivasan put the wheels into motion by setting up a website to invite people to register, and inform them of what was happening. “I love social media and everything about it,” Srinivasan said.

When speaking about the event, Srinivasan said: “We crowdsourced the whole thing as we didn’t want any exchange of money or sponsorship. It is absolutely not-for-profit. In fact the only money I spent was the small fee to register the website.”

Social Media Day Dubai not only gave social media fans a chance to meet the people they interact with online, but also featured numerous community talks on topics such as the best user of public transport, and environmental sustainability.

You can read more about Social Media Day Dubai here.

  • Khalid Dalil

    Looking forward to the next Edition. Social Media in the Middle East and more precisely in the UAE isdefinitely changing human interactions.
    Khalid Dalil