Twitter users more likely to be shortlisted for jobs

Getting a job is much harder these days and the first battle is making certain that your CV is written correctly. It needs to get your point across quickly and use varied vocabulary, and a recent study shows that Twitter users have been more likely to get a job because of this.

There is good reason for this, as a Twitter user you are limited to how many characters you can type – so have become experts in getting a point across quickly. The study taken by looked into 500 CVs used for jobs in the UK and 37 percent used the same opening phrase – three of the most popular were experience’, skills’ and individual’.

The difference with Twitter users is how inventive they are by offering something catchy to make you want to carry-on reading the CV, and that is half the battle won with a future employer. This it seems is yet another way of social networking finding its way into the business sector.

This certainly shows how important Twitter has become, and being able to think out of the box like these users do will certainly get your foot in the door much easier – because of how clever you become at making the best of what you have.

If you visit the link above you will have the chance to win an Apple iPad for having the best CV with just 140 characters.

  • Stephen

    The link for the competition is on at Click there, enter your CV in 140Chars, and you might win!