Gulf Coast Oil Spill: Benefit and Coast to Coast Concerts

If you have visited the Gulf Coast Benefit website you will know the good that today’s Coast to Coast Concerts are doing, the music venues will donate proceeds to help with the Gulf Coast Oil Spill, which is through The Gulf Restoration Network.

You can see a live stream for today’s events here, and the total rose so far. The donations will come from over 60 venues around the United States, and social media is being used effectively to market these events.

Social Media is rallying support for this cause, and you can read about this in detail on This includes information on the Gulf Coast Benefit Twibbon app, and how the Gulf Coast Benefit is managing to reach a wide range of iPhone and Android users.

If you would like to see a full list of venues, then see them on this page of the official site. Are you getting involved in the Gulf Coast oil spill efforts? Let us know more in the comments.

  • Kelsi Guidry

    I am getting into the Gulf Coast oil spill efforts! This actually happend in by back yard. I'm from a small town called "Cut Off" Louisiana. Look it up. Basically in the Gulf of Mexico.
    I decided to use my knowledge of social media and the internet to start as a resource to HELP individuals and organizations who want to help.
    Things are going well so for and we have been getting a good response and being able to help people help.