Twitter Gives Love Advice

It’s nice to know that in the social networking world we can find something to cover every need these days. How about love, or lack of it? There’s a Twitter page for relationships giving every piece of love advice you could need, or among the many Tweets out there, plenty of words of wisdom about love in 140 characters or less.

An article on gives some examples of some of the best Tweets found about love on social networking site Twitter. If anybody gave you the best advice ever, maybe when things were rough, or even when they were great, then you can share your thoughts on Twitter. One Tweet for example reads, “Reread the cards sent to you on your wedding day,” from Family Min.

Another offers such simple advice but all too often we may not think about it, “When your spouse is helpful…say ‘Thanks!” That one was from WAHMoms. If you want more help than quotes about relationships then go to here, where you’ll find a page, MSNRelationships, giving help with love, friendship and dating.

There are links here for articles and videos offering all sorts of relationship information. For example a recent one posted is about strange boyfriend behaviour and what it really means, or another which takes a look at outrageous wedding photographs. What sort of relationship advice could you give? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

  • jajabom

    can i marry a man with the same last name as mine?but my dad said he's my relatives..may be 5th or 6th degree it just okay?