Google Me: More rumor on new social network

You may have already heard speculation of a new social network that may be on the way, in competition with Facebook, called Google Me. There seems to be little hard evidence about it although Digg founder, Kevin Rose, recently talked about its existence and other people in the know at Google and Facebook have spoken of it.

However an article today over on Mashable by Stan Schroeder, says that former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo has now talked about it on Q&A service Quora. D’Angelo says, “This is not a rumor. This is a real project. There are a large number of people working on it. I am completely confident about this,” which sounds pretty unequivocal to us.

Google already had one attempt with Buzz which never took off and was plagued with privacy issues. According to D’Angelo, Google then recognized they needed to establish a full social network based around the idea of Facebook. He adds that this is now a high-priority issue within Google.

As the article on points out though, if Google Me is basically a copy of Facebook, how can it hope to compete? Surely a new social network that’s so similar can never have the same impact? One thing that’s for sure is that it will certainly be interesting to see what happens. What do you think about Google Me? Do you think it could ever rival Facebook, or maybe you feel that Google should have tried to make it completely different? We’d be interested in your comments on this.

  • Misi Marosi

    It seems that if everything is the way it’s described, will live up to people’s expectations, and will give Facebook a run for their money. If you ask me, it’s about time< Google! Buzz was a bust, so let's hope Google Me or Google + will be as hip as it's set out to be.
    Way to go Google…Keeping my fingers cross for a huge success..I'll be the first applicant, that's for sure. !!!