Cannes Ad Festival 2010: Key role of social media

Both advertising executives and clients gathered in the South of France this past week, for the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. And everyone gathered at this year’s event were all agreed on one thing – the key role of social media.

According to an article by Ruth Bender at, the focal point of this year’s event was the appearance of Mark Zuckerberg – CEO and founder of the popular social networking site Facebook – who was making his very first appearance at the festival.

Laura Klauberg, senior vice president for global media at the consumer goods giant Unilever, said: “Social media isn’t just another channel. It’s not just about Facebook, it’s much bigger as it changes the relationship with the consumer, forcing us to change the whole mindset of our business.”

Klauberg went on to explain that Unilever, which is raising the amount it spends on digital advertising by at least 50% this year, has been increasingly turning to social media, as a way of complimenting the more traditional ways of advertising such as print ads and TV.

Procter & Gamble is also increasing the role of social media in the company’s digital advertising strategy. Marc Pritchard, Chief Marketing Officer, said that the moment he realized that social media had a huge potential, was when he joined Facebook two years ago.

You can read more about advertising and the key role of social media, via the link above.