Wimbledon 2010 Results and Tweets: Should Twitter create a home?

FIFA World Cup has been much easier to follow in 2010 thanks to social media, and sites like Twitter make this even easier but creating dedicated pages for events such as the World Cup. You can see Twitter’s World Cup home here.

This page changes for each game; currently it displays the next game, which is England vs. Germany. We tried to replace “worldcup” in the URL with “wimbledon” and “tennis”, but no luck. While we know the World Cup is the world’s biggest sporting event, is it not a good idea to have other homes on twitter like this?

You can find Wimbledon 2010 results and tweets via Bing Social; you can visit that page here on Microsoft’s Bing. While this gives us the information we need, it does not feature the interactivity the Twitter World Cup home has.

Should Twitter create a home for more sports? Do you think we should have a Wimbledon home on Twitter? This makes it much easier to find, and interact with live tweets on a specific topic directly from Twitter. Share your thoughts in the comments.