Facebook: Baby with bong picture, public outrage

Facebook are one of the biggest online social networking sites available to users, and the latest story to hit the site, is a picture of a 11 month old baby holding a bong. The picture was posted by the 19-year old mother of the baby, and was said to be a joke to show one of her friends. Understandably, it has provoked public outrage.

According to The Economic Times, the mother has said to the British Channel Sky News, “that she did in no way try to harm her child, and she would never want to let her child get high”. Added to this statement, she said “that she realised how serious this could be, if a drugs test is found to be positive then the baby could get taken away, and there was the possibility of time spent in Jail”.

It now appears that the Department of Children and Families in Florida are investigating this matter further.

What are your thoughts on this blatant disregard to sensible parenting? To read more about this check out The Economic Times

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