iPhone 4 Accessories: Visually

Now that the new Apple iPhone 4 is finally here, users can look forward to various exciting features. A new all round design for the iPhone automatically makes this a unique selling point to new and current apple users. Set with a stainless steel back, front facing camera and new integrated antenna are just some of the features that the buyer can look forward to when purchasing this product.

According to Donald Bell at cnet news, users for the iPhone 4 can now see the available accessories and gain information.

For instance, users that may want to give added protection to their iPhone can look to see the moulded plastic guards (bumpers) that are on offer. These not only protect from scratching, general wear and tear, but also protect the integrated antenna. Available in different colours and costing $29 will be a great buy. As well as this, customers can look forward to Bluetooth connected keyboard, this will include Appleā€™s wireless Mac keyboard, costing $69.

For those people that want to make a fashion statement with their phone, there are lots of cases to choose from for example, manufacturers iLuv are pricing cases from $15-$50.

Will you be one of those customers accessorizing your phone? To read more about this and see all the accessories available check out cnet news

  • Ray

    This picture is not an iPhone 4…

  • http://www.scirocconet.co.uk Evil Derboy

    Stainless Steel back??? Seriously do some basic research.

  • http://twitter.com/andrewlwood @andrewlwood

    You idiot. The iPhone 4 has a glass back, and looks nothing like that ridiculous picture. What's WRONG with you? Google 'iphone 4' – it's not that hard love.