ITV News Social Media Bulletins: Emergency Budget Impact

In an age where social media is becoming more and more popular in everyday life, it really doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that ITV News is introducing social media to its news bulletins, as part of its year-long project aimed at measuring the impact of Government spending cuts.

And as recently reported by, those exact Government spending cuts are being outlined in today’s emergency budget (Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010). So as from today, ITV News will be introducing a “The Cuts: Your Stories” stand to its programmes.

During this time viewers will be able to use interactive features on the website, to chat to reporters, financial experts and other viewers about their experiences. The live chat will continue during the broadcast and for a short period after as well.

This new feature being introduced into ITV News bulletins follows the successful use of social media, during the first televised leaders’ debate in the run up to this year’s General Election. ITV has just announced that more than 200,000 ITV News viewers used its “Cover It Live.”

  • Barbara…

    Im on disability benefits as im not able to work, but would love to… so is my 6year old as he has the same condition. the budget will hit my 6yr old & i quite hard as i am a single parent who struggles anyway. the medicals they give are impossible even though they have ture facts from hospital reports & test results i cant fiddle or change etc. please can you inform me what this all means, thank you.

    • Noreen

      Dear Barbera I understand exactly what you mean. Since David Cameron announced to the nation, he was getting rid of the benefit scroungers, he has in that one sentence, started a witch hunt on everyone on sickness and disability. I have already noticed a change in attitude, from people who work in these departments. They now seem to think it their public duty, to rid these so called, spongers, off benefits, regardless of how sick they are. If they can find a loophole in your claim ( Which means you haven't used the correct words ) they will turn you down. I suggest you reapply. Go to citizen advice centre, they will help you fill the form correctly. Remember, it's not about how sick you are, but using the correct terminology !