iPhone iOS4 Release: Download starts in US, UK left waiting

The world has been clicking the update button in iTunes today more times than the last year in total, what are they waiting for? The iPhone iOS4 update, that’s what, with it’s many new features including multitasking and folders for apps.

Those two features are the ones I am looking forward to trying out the most, although some apps will be limited until they receive an update. The 378MB download was reported first on Twitter, the latest page on Google saw the news flow in from both web, and Twitter.

The UK was left waiting for the iOS 4 update; even Belgium had the update first, according to Twitter. Apple iPhone owners are excited as the download nears completion, and some are “Geeking out”, in their own words.

At the time of writing we have seen no download problems, or iTunes problems. With some users reporting the only problem being phone calls while installing.

Have you downloaded iPhone iOS4 yet? If so, what do you make of it?

  • martijn

    i got it:D

  • Will

    my update started downloading at 6.03pm uk time.

  • Aaron

    im in the uk and had it at 615 :/ lol

  • Jjjj

    i got it…in the uk

  • Simon

    downloading in UK now!

  • Jake

    its good, folders are good, the alpha lock is cool

  • Ifor Williams

    Just downloaded it (UK), clicked a few times to update and it started downliading approx 1801!

  • jules

    I'm downloading it now but itunes says that its got 2 hours left to download…. Did anyone else's take this long?

  • Barrie Hopkinson

    Got it 6:15pm last night, slik update, like the folders and multi tasking. as with most things Apple it just works! Nice one Apple, just a shame my peasant status precludes me from new hardware until iPhone 5 comes out :(

  • matt

    Does the bloody Bluetooth work now?