Now Shipping: iPhone 4 Pre-Orders

June 23 2010, appears to be the day when some of iPhone 4 customers will be receiving their awaited delivery, and not the release date of June 24 as some expected. We reported on June 15 2010 the black iPhone 4 was available to pre-order, but customers could still wait a further 2 to 3 months to order the white.

According to Pete Cashmore at Mashable, it appears that some buyers have reported that they have already received shipment notifications from Apple. Unfortunately, there have been reports that some legitimate orders are being cancelled by Apple and their partners AT&T. Could this be down to the problems Apple and AT&T experienced with their online websites and system maintenance last week?

Redmond Pie have also reported that Apple have been sending out shipment notifications and FedEx tracking numbers, notifying customers that they may have their iPhone 4 on June 23, the day before the official release date.

Have you received a shipment or cancellation notice from Apple or AT&T? Are you one of the lucky customers to receive your iPhone 4 the day before it is officially released?

To read more about this check out Mashable and Redmond Pie

  • Mobile Clues

    wow finally days come and now apple is starting most pre-order phone, i am waiting for it to launch in my country, hope it will arrive soon.

  • Jones242

    I received my shipping notification, and indicates delivery by June 23rd. I live in PA.

  • Danny

    I just got an email last night that my iPhone 4 has shipped from china and will recieve by 10:30 am on June 23.

  • Raj

    I received an email from AT&T saying it is shipped, no information on the FedEx site yet.

  • swapo

    order status states shipped and my tracking number also isnt reading it…i even recieved a text message from at&t congradulating me on my iphone purchase and a step by step aditvation process..when calling at&t the very first promt message i recieve is asking if im calling to setup my new phone…i live in ny and preordered june 15 6am eastern