iPhone iOS 4 Release: Download Time UK and US

The new Apple iPhone 4 is a big deal, and will attract new buyers and upgraders alike, but this year Apple has many more iPhone owners, and this means more users upgrading to the latest iPhone iOS 4. Will they handle the increased demand on iOS 4 download day?

In previous years we have seen Apple have download problems thanks to heavy demand, with iTunes errors, and server connection problems. The latest iPhone 4 will already have the new iOS 4 installed, and this seems to be the most pain free way of getting the latest iPhone OS. But what about all those wanting to update their current iPhones, what would be the perfect time to download iOS4?

Discussions have already started on the Apple forums, with users wondering when the iOS4 software release time will be. The date is June 21, and rumor has the time at 10am PST (Pacific Standard Time). This is around 5pm UK time. Looking at the last updates, expect things to change and we expect a UK download time around 6-7pm.

You may want to check out an interesting poll PR News has run, which the results show 64% of users will download this update as soon as possible, while 19% will wait a few hours, and 15% will wait a few days. Will you download iOS4 right away?

  • peteyh44

    goddam. Why cant apple uk have a seperate server. i stayed up till 1 so could download ios4 n now i get told 5/6 tonight. If each national branch of apple had its own servers there wud be no update failures like with ios3.

    • Typical sardine

      Because the die hard fans would just use a ip hider so they can download from the server that releses the update first :)

    • aloombox

      Oh no! Dammit! I thought you people in the UK would have had it by now and I was hoping to hear all about it. I am in Canada and was going to stay up late so I could download it. Groan!

    • Jack Clarke

      Why the hell would it come out at 5pm on the 20th US time dumb ass ?

    • iOS4_NOW

      Apple is using AKAMAI CDN (Content Distribution Network) to distribute their iOS. There are MANY server all over the world. Check this http://www.akamai.com/html/technology/dataviz3.ht


      It is to be released at 10 AM time in California, USA everywhere, which is exactly in 1 hrs and 45 min from the time i am posting this. Timing is based in California bc that is where the company is therefore the timing relates to them.

    • Doh

      There is … -_-

    • sammy mc 8

      omg! i did the exact same thing and ure right they shud av a seperate server

  • kuldeep reddy

    hy thanks for your information i was waiting from long time for this news

  • Jaz

    How do I back up my films from my iphone 3gs (unhacked) back to my pc?

    • needsie

      if you put the films on yourself then you're shit outta luck, if you bought them and downloaded them to your iphone then simply connect your iphone up, open up itunes, right click your iphone and "transfer purchases"

      • Jaz

        Yes they were my own videos. There must be away, maybe another software?

        Don't want to lose my videos after I upgrade to new firmware.

        • Adam

          Use iDump (search Google for it)

        • Phil

          iPhone explorer will let you download them, you'll need to search through all iTunes folders on the iPhone though and they have rather random names.

        • wterry

          Why would you ever loose your films/videos? Back up your phone, update to iOS 4 and then when it’s all done, you can selectively restore data from your backup, meaning you can restore only things you want… in this example, your videos. I’m doing it with every single iPhone update. No need to buy expensive third party software, no need for hacked stuff. Use what Apple is offering for free. BTW, nothing works better than original stuff 😉

          • Jaz

            When you back up with itunes, the videos aren't being backed up for me?

    • http://www.digitsictsolutions.co.uk john hope

      download a program for free called sharepod itunes must be installed but closed http://www.getsharepod.com/about/ dwonload that it will work on iphones that will allow u to just drag and drop on to ur iphone and will allow you to copy ur ipod/iphone to pc have a look at the link hope that helps

      • Jaz

        Thanks for replies guys

        Sharepod worked fine thanks

  • http://warren.morgans.cc/blog Warren

    I think they have separate servers, but a global release is a global release and staggering it to suit the daylight hours of the world would be a larger issue. I am in Australia and am starting to thing I will have to wait a few extra days to get access to it. But will I stay up until 12am on the promise of an editorial about a release date and/or time… No. Will I install it when it seems to be ready and tested by others (at least for a day) and finally, when it's during work hours so I could get emergency support if it goes pear-shaped… Yes. I am really looking forward to it, but don't unwarap your bike-shaped pressie from under the tree until your parents are up and willing to help you ride it.

  • Reilly


  • bdrew

    So Australia will be around 3am(AEST) Tuesday 22nd June

  • Tracey cross

    I only have 3g. Is it worth downloading new software? I’m a bit worried now after Reading comments. Could someone tell me the possible “side effects” this may have on my iPhone. I’m a bit worried.

    • downside

      apple has done about 6 months in total beta testing there shouldnt be any problems that wont be fixed in future updates

    • Haroon

      you will not have any side effects. you will not have all features. but there will be no side effects. dont worry.

    • john

      none, it is official apple software

  • sam

    I’ve already got ios 4 on my iphone all u have to do is downloaded the ios 4 GM for iphone 3gs and install it onto your phone by using itunes! I’ve had this for the last cupple of days!

    The multi tasking on it works really well and being able to change your wallpaper makes it better :)

    • Yuvraj Vij

      Hi, how did u get that, 2 of my friends have also done the same.

  • clive

    is that for real – anything you upload yourself to iphone gets lost on an update – surely itunes has the record of what you uploaded from your computer since that is how you have to upload it in the first place? I could understand if they trashed pirated movies uploaded to hacked phones but I am thinking of things like my customised ring tones that I have created etc

    • http://www.facebook.com/jaydavies82 Jason Davies

      Assuming it is anything like previous updates, everything on your phone will stay on your phone (including content not "purchased"). The phone will backup before it updates but after it updates, it should be just as it was (but with a few exciting extras!)

  • fasds

    they say in 21 it will be realse and still nothing

  • Scoubi

    Guys, where can I follow the ios 4 update release, should I just wait for itunes or apple web page …. ? Or isthere a forum where members are alerting the others? br Scoubi

    • sammy mc 8

      check on apples forums

  • Mike

    What time will release here in japan? Im waiting for so long. Please help.

    • Juan

      I feel so sorry for you (From The USA)

  • Luke

    Should be worth the wait!

  • chuckano-ris

    Well this is annoying. its june 21st, 10am here in the UK….. and im guessing its basically gunna be june 22nd by the time i can download. I know apple cant really do a phased worldwide release to suit different time zones, but surely they need to come up with something…….get the horrible feeling iv been waiting all this time and by 6pm il be getting the error messages on itunes saying the systems to busy to download.

    arrghhhh c'mon ios4

    • 234234

      And why in the hell you think you should get this update before anybody else? Everybody will be able to update at the same time. Server too busy? Well, isn't that the case with any other update when bunch of people start downloading it? Stop complaining, wait and download when it's available. So what if it's June 22 in UK when you are able? Where in the stone is written you have to get it on 21st?

      • xiii

        wow. someone's had 'cunt' for breakfast. the dude above you never said it was 'written in stone' that he had to get it today, and nor did he say that he should 'get this update before anbody else,' merely made a commment that if a worldwide release date of 21st is given, it's not really worldwide if countries apart from america have to wait until the 22nd to be able to download it. learn to read you angst filled knob

        • Dyke

          Agreed! why are some people complete knobs, this guy and many many others like me in the UK are waiting for this download, I tried it at midnight hoping i would get it but its 4pm now and still no update, it frustrating that you lot all get it when you wake up. and we probably have to wait until the 22nd or very late tonight

    • Qwerty

      10 in UK means 1 o'clock in San Fransisco, home of apple. Of course some apple dude will allowed us to get the OS when they are on work.

  • garry

    still no ios 4.0 in uk @ 10.26am

  • http://www.fexnet.co.nz Fex

    It's prob 21st time somewhere in the States, I'm just waiting till the 22nd, then it should definately be ready…

  • R.Alves

    Here in Portugal it´s june 21st, 10am (also) and it has not been yet. Yesterday, I stood up late for nothing! It´s so annoying!

    I agree with Luke: "Should be worth the wait!"

    • Akino213

      It is worth the wait. Period. I’ve had this little baby for about a week now and it still surprises me. I haven’t had any problems relating to the software. But I am also awaiting it’s release since I can’t get iBooks until then or anyone to challenge in game center.

      iPod touch 3dg.

  • phraeza

    Apple is US company, they are not going to release it in UK before US due to time difference, it is obvious. Apple NEVER accommodate international markets ahead of their own.

  • ricky

    I have installed IOS4 on my iphone 3gs, only problem is that it wont go to the home screen only emergency calls only? I am in the uk 11.02am 21/06/10. now cant restore my phone back to 3.1.3 any help out there!! thanks in advance

    • downside

      you will probably have to wait until its out properly and restore and let itunes download the firmware

    • tracey cross

      ring apple support. this happened to a friend of mine and they sorted it. im waiting until mass hysteria dies down. i only have 3g so not really a big deal. hope you get it soted

  • vedz

    yer true. me to here in london, i am waiting for it. sooo tonight 5/6 ish then??

  • Prince ‘H’ Ali

    im gna need the link to download the new firmware or do i jus use itunes for it but my iphone is jailbroken !!!

    • Aaron

      you use itunes to download firmware b4 you do though i would reccomend restoring your iphone and then update then use redsn0w 0.9.5 to rejailbreak it cause otherwise it could mess up your phone i've heard

  • Damo

    Its funny how so many people still don't know how to use an iPhone. What the!!! If you knew how to use iTunes properly then you would know that to get a movie on iPhone you had to have had it on your PC or Mac in which case it is already backed up on your system. Movies that were made using the camera of the phone are able to be transferred to iPhoto on a Mac or equivalent on a PC (I don't know which folder as i HATE Microsoft but i imagine the movie folder)

    • Jaz

      Yes but obviously the original file had been deleted after copying to iphone, that's why you want to copy it back.

  • eferf

    hello folks….a strange news for u guys…ios 4 will be available in Europe only from 23rd night…i.e smoothly from 24th day time onwards….you will find the same official news soon in the forums….Mark (CA)

    • R.Alves

      I´m so tired of waiting!! I´ll have to wait 2 more days?!

      Is Apple kidding with our faces?!

  • Mike

    If it makes you feel any better, Apple is not just about the U.S. getting it first, they are all about their specific time zone. Everything Apple does is based on PST (Pacific Standard Time), which means they will release the iOS 4 at 10:00am their time. That means we blokes on the east coast have to wait until 1:00pm to get the software. They release it to everyone at the same time based on their watches, so yeah, a lot of people are going to feel they are getting screwed.

    • Downside

      you think your getting screwed because someone is getting a firmware at a time that suits them. Get a life mate.


    im not getting here in perth, wa, australia till tomorrow

  • rajesh

    I guess we have been waiting for this long..Nothing changes in another 15 hrs I believe !!!

    21st night it is .. so be it !!!!!!

    Good luck folks !!!

  • chuckano-ris

    what idiot said its coming to europe on the 23rd???…….i watched Steve Jobs say that its ready for worldwide release as of the 21st. …plus all sites on the net say 21st 5pm UK time.

  • max

    i'm on vacation in Mauritius now and still nothing the time differance from holland is + 2 hours so hopefully i can download it around 8pm mauritian time.

  • http://www.browse-tools.com/ iPhone 4

    I have installed IOS4 on my iphone 3gs, but it has problem that it doesn't go to the home screen. I am in the uk and want to restore my phone back to 3.1.3 but it doesn't work any help out there!!

  • thefunk

    im in aus and its 12am june 22nd….
    oh well


    This is complete crap. They should release it to everyone at different times. I guarantee you when 10:00 PST comes around we're all going to be screwed because the servers will crash. You can probably count on just getting it tomorrow.

  • Joyce

    June 21st means June 21st …

    They should've released it as soon as it was 12 midnight in Japan.

    It's good business is now shifting to Asia, at least most of the nations wouldn't have to wait for US Timing 😛

  • http://newjefflandempire.com Jeff

    I will be downloading it as soon as I get home from work. It wasn’t available at 6:30 am when I checked. >:(

    • Mattie G

      Its 11:20 here in Chicago and still not available for DL… THIS IS HOGWASH.

      I call shenanigans on Apple… DAMN YOU STEVE JOBS!!!!

  • Dr chen

    Yo world! Let USA get ready. Chill relax

  • http://www.getapple.co.uk totally free iPhone

    I've been trying every half an hour, pretty much all day. Thanks for the time, I guess I'll try again around 6ish.
    Apple this is getting a bit old, if it had been released at midnight then the downloads would have been a bit more staggered

  • John

    Still waiting for iOS 4….. Faster!! Have Steve Jobs wake up from his bed?? Singapore 10.52pm Jun 21

  • ambrose

    how about Asia region? malaysia? Singapore? when is iOS 4 available to upgrade for Malaysia iphone users??

  • George Baker

    err……it was released 2 years ago by Dr .Who from the Tardis in warp phase matrix time by sonic screwdriver

  • James

    I am here in the US and when the heck is it coming im waiting since 1 am!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.alsaffron.com praveenchoudhary

    guys can you help about date and time in middle-east (dubai) so how to do update ios4 and from where to download

  • Nino

    itunes says: will look for next upd8 on june 23 !! :S NOOO!!!..
    btw can i keep my jailbroken stuff when i update to ios4 ???????????????

  • vedz

    5pm uk time.

  • Vic, UK

    I upgraded to iOS 4.0 last week – got the GM candidate – if the official upgrade released today is anything like it, it'spretty good :)

  • billy

    whats an iOS 4?

  • waiting

    still not available

  • Ernoid

    I'm downloading now


    its now 2am june 22nd in aus, 9am in LA so do yous reckon at 10 in the us it will be released??? im a jailbreak dev, helping jailbreak it just need the official update asap.

    • Jonas Olsson

      iOS4 has been available since 7.15 PM (local time Sweden, Stockholm)

  • Beached11

    Nothing yet in Manila…

  • Christoph

    nothing yet in Belgium ….

  • thefunk