Father’s Day 2010: Gifts you shouldn’t get

As you will all know, this Sunday – June 20th – is Father’s Day, and millions of people from all over will be honoring their dads with cards and gifts. And as you can very well imagine, some people may not have a clue what to buy their dads for Father’s Day.

As reported by Katla McGlynn at huffingtonpost.com, while many sons and daughters will treat their dads to lunches out, or thoughtful gifts, others will opt for gifts that you really shouldn’t be getting your dads on Father’s Day. Here is a few of those gifts.

They range from just plain corny, to the downright ridiculous and ones that your dads probably wouldn’t want to receive on Father’s Day. Take the customized wallet bottle opener for example, it kind of says that your dad is always drinking on the go and forgetting important dates.

Then there is the cute tie, which he would probably never wear and would just get hidden at the bottom of his draw. And what about the beer holster!!! Sorry, but this is about as corny as it gets. You can check out more gifts NOT to get your dad via the link above.