World Cup 2010: Vuvuzela Social Media Debate

If you have been watching any of the 2010 FIFA World Cup games, you may have been wondering what that dreadful sound – a bit like a swarm of bees or wasps – was in the background. And if you don’t already know what it is, it’s the sound of the Vuvuzela.

According to a report from, the Vuvuzela is an instrument that is very popular in South Africa. It’s actually part of football in this year’s host nation. And it’s that very instrument and the annoying noise it makes, that has come under fire in a social media debate.

The world of football has been divided into two different categories over the now infamous Vuvuzela: those who don’t really mind it so much, and those who really do hate it. I have to admit, I think I would put myself firmly in the second category.

Even popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have got themselves involved in the debate. There’s even a new Facebook page now, called “FIFA – Ban the Annoying Vuvuzela Horn from the South African World Cup.

The page has apparently already got 224,000 fans, and is going up by the second. It’s not just the fans that find them annoying either, some players have even blamed their poor performances on the Vuvuzela instrument. What do you think of the Vuvuzela Horn?

  • Kingsley

    It should be banned at all non SA games plain and simple, it's ruining the world cup.