iPhone 4 UK Price: Today

It’s been nearly a whole week now since Steve Jobs introduced the new Apple iPhone 4, and pre-ordering is just a day away. However, while we know how much the handset is going to cost consumers in the US, we don’t really know any information in the UK.

But according to product-reviews.net – sourced from a Geeky-Gadgets.com article by Roland Hutchinson – a couple of the networks will be releasing prices for the new iPhone 4 on Monday, 14th June. So UK customers can now have some idea of what it’s going to cost them.

It does seem to have taken quite a bit of time to get any information on how much the iPhone 4 will cost in the UK, which has led people to believe that the five operators may have been discussing what they are going to charge with each other.

Customers have already heard that there will be no unlimited data included in the O2 price plan, and are just waiting now to see what the other networks do. Whichever way it goes, we just hope that the five different operators will offer some competitive prices.

The second image is courtesy of engadget.com.

  • jegan

    what time is it gonna be announced i have been checking since 7am i need to know lol i hope its on vodafone pay and go at a reasonable price

  • MBB

    just called my local O2 store and they have told me iPhone 4 prices will be available on the 21st June and will be able to purchase on the 24th June.

    So if thats true we are not going to see prices until next week.

  • Mms

    How much will iPhone 4 cost for o2? I've got 3gs pay & go but I want 4 pay & go too but i need price for o2

  • Sean

    I suspect that price fixing is most definitely happening between the mobile operators. It makes a mockery of the benefits consumers are suppose to have now that the iPhone is no longer exclusive to O2… This sort of thing should be illegal. Ofcom should launch an enquiry if this proves to be true.

  • Tim

    "what they are going to charge with each other"

    – Doubt that, it's illegal to price fix within the EU

  • yousef

    i heard that iphone 4 with 16GB will cost 499pounds and 32GB 599pounds

  • Els_osorio

    iphone5 is out in the market..?i want to buy 2 for my parents but i dont if out already?